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TVK Baltic and TVH Forklift Parts have joined forces

Since we have been business partners over many years, we would like to inform you that recently, and more specifically on May 2nd 2005, TVK Baltic and TVH Forklift Parts have joined forces.

Both of us strongly believe that this partnership is a natural step to improve our services to all of our customers in the Baltic Sea Region.

The partnership will improve TVH Forklift Parts` knowledge on the Baltic market and, more importantly, TVH Forklift Parts will now have a local presence and a strong foothold in the Baltic Sea Region.

In return we and our customers will get direct access to TVH Forklift Parts` massive product range and spare parts availability and will also benefit from TVH Forklift Parts` superior logistic solutions and customer service.

As a result, you will see no difference except to your advantage: our dedicated staff will remain at your disposal. TVK Baltic will continue to operate its business values and stocks as truly Baltic company. Our focus on branded products with high quality will continue as before.

We are convinced that this partnership will foster our future relations.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.